Lives transformed in India

Pastor Michael Thomasraj and his family

More than 80% of pastors around the world have little or no biblical training. That’s why the Langham Preaching programme walks with the global Church, training pastors to preach and teach the Bible.  One pastor who attended a Langham Preaching seminar in India four years ago says his preaching completely changed. And as a result,…

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Encouragement from Ecclesiastes

These are extraordinary weeks for the peoples of the world as the coronavirus continues to impact on daily lives, bringing with it suffering and uncertainty.  Paul Windsor, our Langham Preaching Programme Director, brings a word of encouragement from Ecclesiastes 11. “I have returned to Ecclesiastes 11.1-6 so many times in my life. This pandemic has…

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Let’s get really radical

This is a recent blog post from Langham Preaching Director Paul Windsor. The generation that came after me tends to impress me more than the babyboomer one that went before me. Speaking very generally, and yet observing it repeatedly, their hearts seem to be turned towards the world more radically. For me it started when we hosted…

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