What We Do

What does Langham do? We are training and resourcing the next generation of pastors and leaders who will multiply the impact of God’s Word in more than 90 nations.   yellow-donate

Langham equips the next generation of Bible teachers

Langham works alongside Christian leaders around the world, equipping them with skills and tools needed to teach and preach God’s Word to grow the church with depth and maturity. Everyday, we hear stories of congregations and communities being changed, new ministries being started and indigenous leaders catching the vision and running with it. Our aim is to see the effective preaching of God’s Word equipping God’s people for their mission in the world.



FIRST, we see pulpits occupied by faithful preachers teaching the Word of God.



SECOND, we see books stimulating the biblical study and teaching of pastors.



THIRD, we see seminaries staffed by scholars influencing future pastors.