‘Commentary helped me understand parts of the Bible more clearly!’

The Arabic Contemporary Commentary was launched in Cairo three years ago.

Sales of the Arabic Contemporary Commentary have been greatly affected by the pandemic – yet nearly 3,000 copies have been sold since February 2019, with many encouraging reports from its readers.

The commentary was launched in 2018 – assisted by Langham Literature – and is the first of its kind.

It’s a commentary on the whole Bible, written by 48 Arab theologians, for Arabic-speaking churches in the Middle East and North Africa. Three Langham Scholars were part of the core editorial team.

Positive feedback

During the Summer this year, the ACC was sold to many believers in Egypt, who had positive feedback.

We’ve heard encouraging feedback from people who’ve bought and read the commentary.

Pastor Moussa from Sudan bought ten books for his Sudanese church, saying he admired the way the topic of the Trinity was handled.  

Another customer said that the commentary led to a clearer understanding of some parts of the Bible that were previously “obscure” to him.

Bible relevant to today

One customer said that using the commentary had made him realise that the Bible is relevant to today, not just for thousands of years ago. He appreciated the 100+ articles on contemporary topics that are also contained in the ACC.    

These cover contemporary issues facing the ordinary Arab citizen including scientific, economic, political and religious topics.

Read about the launch of the ACC in Cairo, Egypt in 2018.

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