Following Jesus in the Thai culture

Around the world, Langham identifies key Christian publishers to impact culture. In Thailand, Kanok Bannasan is one of those key partners.

Watch this video about Langham’s support of Kanok Bannasan.

But why is Kanok Bannasan so crucial?

Thai Christians, who make up just 1% of the population of Thailand, face a daily reality of isolation and rejection for following a ‘Western religion’. 

People in Thailand think Christians are betraying the King, the Buddhist religion and that they’ve been brainwashed. 

Kanok Bannasan, managed by Tasanee Yanasiddhi, provides essential books that Thai Christians need to follow Jesus in the Thai culture. 

Between 2014 and 2019, Langham helped Kanok Bannasan publish 14 titles.

Tasanee said: “Christian literature is just like the foundation of the Christian life. Some people say they only need the Bible. But sometimes it’s hard to understand. Christian literature can help them to understand the Bible more and more. 

The impact of just one book

Langham Scholar Satanun Boonyakiat’s book ‘Thai Christian Theology’ was published by Kanok Bannasan.

Langham Graduate Dr Satanun Boonyakiat, Professor at Payap University, Chiang Mai, said Buddhism is entrenched in the culture. One of the biggest challenges facing Thai Christians today is to honour Thai culture but stand firm in the Christian faith. 

Together, Langham helped Dr Boonyakiat to write, and Kanok Bannasan to publish, ‘Thai Christian Theology’. The book’s aim is to equip a nation of Christian leaders and pastors. 

Dr Boonyakiat explained: “When I learned that theology is actually an effort of God’s people to find out teachings, ways of life, ways of doing ministry that are in accordance with God’s truth, and can respond fruitfully and effectively to their own context, to their own questions, the struggles of the people, this is the thing that I want to communicate to the Thai people.”

Stories to connect with

The book starts with stories that Thai people can easily understand and connect with, and many appreciate the resource.

Pastor Wittaya Wuttikraikrieng, from Sathorn Church Bangkok, said he can share what he has learnt from this book with his congregation. Without Kanok Bannasan he “can’t imagine where we’re going to find books that are really helpful like this”. 

And lay leader Wisan Suwannarat, of First Church of Chiang Mai, encouraged Langham supporters that the production of this kind of literature, contextually in any culture, is crucial – especially in the Majority World. 

Heavily affected by Covid-19

The Kanok Bannasan Publishing staff give a Thai welcome in their office in Bangkok.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on Christian Publishing houses around the world. Kanok Bannasan was heavily impacted, as bookshops shut, Christian conferences were postponed and sales slowed. 

But they were able to continue to use social media and other tools to market books and sell to customers online. 

Writing last year, Tasanee said: “The world has changed in many ways, but we know that God is still in control of all things.”

Your support

Through your support, many Christians in Thailand are being helped in their faith.

Tasanee said: “The thing that you’ve done impacts the life of the people, and moreover you impact the life of the pastor, and the pastor will impact more and more members. How important are the books that can impact another’s life!”

The Church in Thailand thanks you for supporting the development of books that bring Christ to the Thai culture.