New global Preaching Clubs resource celebrates John Stott

Langham Preaching has embarked on an exciting new project to provide a resource for Preaching Clubs around the world in celebration of John Stott’s centenary this year.

John Stott’s book is being translated into 14 languages and distributed to 7,400 participants around the world.

The aim of the project is to translate John Stott’s seminal book ‘God’s Word for Today’s World’ into many languages, alongside providing a discussion guide written by the Langham Preaching leadership team.

So far, translations into 14 languages have started or already completed:

Kiswahili, Amharic, German, French, Tagalog, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Bosnia & Herzegovina/Serbia/Croatia, Indonesian.

More than 60 countries involved

Over 1,900 English books, 1,700 French books and 3,800 books in other languages will be distributed to 7,400 participants along with the discussion guide. More than 60 countries are involved.

In ‘God’s Word for Today’s World’, John Stott concisely demonstrates the power, authority and relevance of the Bible for every Christian – in every culture and generation. He urges us to hear and obey the Bible in today’s context.

Langham Preaching’s Global Leadership Team read this book as part of their weekly meetings earlier in the year. Following this, they created a series of questions for each of the five chapters for Preaching Clubs to discuss.

Langham Preaching’s Director for Asia & South Pacific talked about the impact of John Stott on her life and ministry in one of the introductory videos for the discussion guide.

John Stott’s influence

Alongside the discussion guide, the team created a video for each chapter, which also included talking about the influence that John Stott has had on their life and ministry.

Langham Preaching’s Director Paul Windsor said in his introduction to the guide: “We wanted to create an opportunity to be thankful, by finding a way to bring the heart of John Stott’s ministry into the heart of this Langham Preaching ministry.

“John Stott was a man of the word of God. He believed it, studied it, preached it, wrote about it and lived it. So we turned towards his little book, God’s Word for Today’s World, and decided to create a resource that could be used in our preaching clubs, or escuelitas, in as many heart-languages as possible.”

Preaching Club Discussion Guide

He added that the Langham Preaching team’s hope is that readers will be “encouraged to keep walking with the word of God in today’s world”.

You can join in!

The team is encouraging Langham supporters to read along with our brothers and sisters in the Majority World! The book, which has just five chapters, can be ordered through the Langham Literature website. The discussion guide and videos are accessible here.

For more information and resources about the John Stott Centenary, visit the dedicated website.  

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