Profiles of how Langham is working with national Church leaders throughout the Majority World toward the goal of a mature, independent national Church

Overview of Langham’s ministry, by International Ministries Director Chris Wright
History of Langham’s founding by John Stott
Langham works with a Christian publisher in Benin, West Africa
Dr Andrea Zaki, Langham Scholar in Egypt
Impact of a Langham Scholar-pastor in Beirut, Lebanon
Impact of Langham Preaching on evangelical churches in Bosnia
Langham’s works with OMF in Cambodia to replace Christian books in Khmer language destroyed by the Khmer Rouge regime
Langham Scholar teaching at Ethiopia Graduate School of Theology (SIM-founded seminary in Addis Ababa) – first woman Professor at this seminary
Another Langham Scholar at Ethiopia Graduate School of Theology
Sergiy Tymchenko, Langham Scholar and Christian leader in Ukraine
Langham Preaching in Egypt, working in a Muslim context
Story of the development of the widely used Africa Bible Commentary
Langham Preaching in Bolivia, the story of a pastor whose preaching ministry was transformed by his participation in Langham Preaching
Langham Literature work in Thailand
Langham Scholar working in Kenya
Langham Preaching working in Liberia to develop the preaching culture
Langham Preaching working in South America
Langham Literature working with local Christian publishers to develop locally written theological materials in the Philippines 
Langham Preaching in Romania, where the movement is especially attracting young student-evangelists
 Lesotho TV profiling Langham Preaching in Lesotho 
Langham International Director Tayo Arikawe speaking at USA Vision Weekend 2021