Books play an essential part in our growth towards maturity in Christ. Yet Christians in the Majority World still have to rely largely on books by Western authors, in English or in translation.

There are gifted and educated nationals who can write books that reflect their own culture and context, but many of them are overworked and underpaid. They also face problems in finding a publisher.

Langham Literature offers Writer’s Grants to evangelical scholars in the Majority World who wish to write books that will benefit the church in their region. We focus on two types of books:

  • academic textbooks for theological students
  • popular theological books for thoughtful laity, students, and pastors with a degree or a diploma in theology.

Writer’s grants have already resulted in books being published in the Middle East,  Peru, Nigeria, Kenya, Taiwan and the Philippines. More books are currently being written.

If you wish to apply for a writer’s grant, please download and read the Application Guidelines.