God at Work Through Langham Preaching in Africa

16 March 2023 |
Group work at All Africa Preaching Consultation

Langham Preaching is a programme of the Langham Partnership that exists to develop godly and biblical preachers across the world…
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A story of growth in Latin America

21 September 2022 |
Latin America Langham Preaching

Last year in 15 countries across Latin America, over 3,000 people were trained through the Langham Preaching programme. Read on…
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New global Preaching Clubs resource celebrates John Stott

22 November 2021 |

Langham Preaching has embarked on an exciting new project to provide a resource for Preaching Clubs around the world in…
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Growing Deeper

15 June 2020 |

Veena is a regional co-ordinator for Langham Preaching and she shared the following thoughts about our Langham Preaching programme: “I…
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Langham Preaching: ‘One church, with different faces, serving God’s Kingdom’

5 November 2019 |

Langham Preaching exists to develop preachers to preach in a way that is biblical, systematic and sustained. Preachers gather for…
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‘God is in control of His work’ – Langham Preaching in Sierra Leone

15 August 2018 |
Sierra Leone Preaching event

Chris Jonah, Langham Preaching’s country coordinator in Sierra Leone, reported on a successful ‘refresher’ event there in May. This country…
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