How to apply

How to apply for a Langham PhD Scholarship

Langham Scholarships are for those who can demonstrate both academic excellence and proven abilities as strategic Christian leaders. Each year we receive many more applications than we can support, but each application is considered carefully and prayerfully.

Before starting the application process, please be sure to read Introducing Langham PartnershipLangham Scholarship Criteria Instructions and Langham's Data Privacy Policy. These documents will be required reading in order to proceed through the Enquiry process.

As the first stage in the application process, submit the Initial Enquiry Form by clicking the 'Apply for PhD Scholarship' button. Please note that this link will be available from April through September each year.

Applicants must be Majority World Christian leaders in pursuit of a PhD in one of the following areas:

  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Theology
  • Ethics
  • Church History
  • Intercultural Studies (based on biblical teaching)

If your initial enquiry is successful, you will be invited to proceed to our main application package to complete, as the next stage in the application process.

Your application may be sent for confidential review by senior Christian leaders or Langham Graduates in your region. Final decisions are made by the Langham Partnership Scholars' Programme. Decisions are usually finalised before the end of June, but on some occasions later than this.

Application form is only available during April to September