‘Without Langham Writers’ grant, this would’ve been impossible!’

A Langham grant has enabled the husband of a current Langham Scholar to release a book which challenges false views of Christ in the Ethiopian Church.

Paulos Fekadu – married to Sofanit Abebe who is studying at Edinburgh University – received a Langham Writers’ Grant two years ago to complete the book in Amharic.

The book, ‘Son of God’, has recently been printed in the UK through a self-publication route, with publishers in Ethiopia seeing the need for it among Ethiopian diaspora in the West.

Challenging prosperity gospel

It is already helping pastors and Church leaders to address Christological questions. Paulos gives readers a systematic account of Biblical teachings about Jesus.

Paulos, Sofanit, Salem and Zoe

He aims to challenge some of the thinking that has led to the prosperity gospel, enabling readers to discern heresy from truth.

Paulos said: “Without the Langham Writers’ Grant none of this would have been possible! May God use it for His glory!”

The beauty of national authors

Between July 2019 and June 2020, 16 local writers in 15 countries were supported through Langham Writers’ Grants.

Colin Macpherson, Langham’s Director of Publisher Development, said that Langham “delights” to help writers like Paulos, who is a “prime example of the beauty of national authors writing for their own people.

“He has identified how the misapplication of scripture is leading many Ethiopian preachers and their congregations to a false view of Christ and in particular how this is being used to form the basis of the Prosperity Gospel movement.

Blessing to the Ethiopian Church

“It will be the first of its kind and we pray that the Lord would now bring blessing to the Ethiopian church as it is brought back to the wonderful and scriptural doctrine of Christ.”

Paulos’ wife Sofanit is nearing the completion of her PhD on apocalyptic thought at Edinburgh University. They have two daughters, Salem (6) and Zoe (5).