Preaching Seminar in Burkina Faso overcomes significant challenges

Roland Tamini, Langham Preaching Regional Coordinator for West Africa, shares with us his recent experience at a Preaching Seminar held in Burkina Faso. 

Delegates at the Level 1 Preaching Seminar held in Burkina Faso

In total 57 pastors from 6 small towns in the eastern part of the country travelled to meet together for training.  This was a particularly significant seminar as it took place in a semi-rural area of the country which has been affected by terrorism.

Security issues and economic hardship

Roland writes “Despite security issues and economic hardship, the churches were able to put their resources together for expenses related to the event. Most of the participants were pastors who have no formal education, and could only speak the Gulmatche language. We’re so glad our first experience using a local language went very well.”

Engaging content and full concentration from all those involved

Please pray

  • for these pastors, and many others like them, who are prepared to overcome significant challenges in order to access relevant training. 
  • for divine provision for the participants, many of whom are farmers.
  • Give thanks for their desire to improve their knowledge and skills so that they can serve God better. 
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