Interview with Tayo Arikawe

Tayo Arikawe is the new International Director of Langham Partnership International. We asked him about his vision for LPI and the role Canada can play. 

What has been the biggest surprise for you so far, as you start to lead Langham? 

A pleasant surprise is the depth and width of our programs (Scholars, Preaching, Literature) and the ongoing impact across the globe, especially giving so much voice to leaders from the Majority World/ Global Church, via publishing/literature. 

How would you like to see the work of Langham expand or change in the next five years or so?

I would like to see more integration among our programs. This will mean that we can provide more support to those engaged practically in our programs. Also, to see more diversity in all layers of our leadership, to better reflect the values of Langham.

You will be working at the bird’s eye view in some ways with Langham’s work, leading the mission around the world. What would you like Canadian supporters of Langham to know?

There is still more ground to cover in strengthening the Global Church. There are still many more commentaries and other resources that will need to be developed, with a view to equipping Majority World churches and leaders, but also giving them a voice to partner and encourage the Global Church; many more pastors that are passionate and godly but need more training. I’m hoping that we can stabilize our programs in existing countries and move into other countries. We need expansion of programs and also of geographical areas of coverage. Please pray for more openings in new areas and more resources to advance our programs.

What are you reading these days that is inspiring you and your work?

I’m reading a book on missions from the Majority World. It’s amazing and encouraging to see the many years of western missionary efforts bearing fruit in the Majority World. The churches are growing in leaps and bounds.

Might we see you in Canada one day?

Definitely, I would love to visit Canada when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. You are on my radar. I’m deeply grateful to you all for your love and support toward the growth of the Majority World churches. This growth has presented some fresh challenges, but also fresh opportunities for Langham. The churches need strengthening and discipleship more than ever, and Langham is strategically positioned to continue to strengthen these churches and leaders, via our programs (Literature, Preaching and Scholars). I’m praying for God’s grace to abound toward you all, so that your love, support and generosity will continue to be extended to your beloved family members from the Majority World, toward strengthening and maturing them in Christ. Thank you and every rich blessing in Christ to you all.

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