Chris Wright preaching resource blesses Ethiopian Church

Eritrean refugees were among 50 preachers blessed with a translated copy of Chris Wright’s award-winning Langham book ‘Sweeter than Honey’ earlier this month.

The resource is an essential guide for correctly handling the Old Testament.

50 preachers during preaching training in northern Ethiopia earlier this month.

It was given to attendees of a Level 3 Langham Preaching seminar in Shire, Northern Ethiopia.

‘So happy’

The movement coordinator there – who cannot be named for security reasons – said the participants were “so happy” to each receive two copies, one in English, one in Amharic.

“I asked everyone to lift up both books before God as a sign of thanksgiving to the Lord for blessing
the Ethiopian Church with this new Langham Preaching resource”, he said.

The Amharic translation was funded within Ethiopia, but the seminar was sponsored by Langham.

Thanks to the donors

Attendees taught about the single narrative of the Bible in Ethiopia.

The coordinator added: “Please, extend our gratitude and thanks to the donors who sponsored the publishing of these books and the seminar.”

Eritrean refugees were among the preachers who attended the training.

Many Eritreans who escaped terrible persecution in their country are now being discipled and trained. Some are even planting churches in their refugee camps.

The coordinator is “delighted” that Langham can play a part in training Eritreans. He said in 2017:

“Eventually I’m sure God will bring down this brutal regime in Eritrea.

Equipping future Eritrean leaders

“I believe these refugees will return to Eritrea, so it’s a great opportunity for Langham Preaching to equip the future leaders of the Eritrean Church. That’s the exciting thing!”

Times of praise and worship took place during the preaching training.

Last year, he shared of his hope after news broke that the 18-year long ‘state of war’ between the two countries had been ended.

“This goodwill between the two countries will impact the Eritrean leadership to release some of the prisoners in Eritrea. We are praying that will happen.”

Historic moment

He added: “There will be a big spiritual revival eventually, I’m sure the Church will thrive. It’s a historic moment in that country. The Church is growing underground, there are so many believers.”

Chris Wright’s book ‘Sweeter than Honey’, which was given to the attendees in Ethiopia, has also been translated into Mongolian. It was used at a Langham Preaching seminar there earlier this month.

Thanks was expressed for the donors who made the preaching training possible.

Under the title How to Preach and Teach the Old Testament for All Its Worth, the US version of the book came first under the ‘Church/Pastoral Leadership’ category in the Christianity Today book awards 2017.

It has been described by a seminary professor in the US as an “excellent” book, that “combines a robust biblical framework with practical communication steps in an easy-to-read style”.

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Attendees gather with their copies of ‘Sweeter Than Honey’ by Chris Wright, in English and Amharic.

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