A ‘milestone’ for Langham Preaching in Ethiopia

Last month, a diverse group of Langham Preaching trainers from across Ethiopia gathered at a retreat centre on Lake Babogaya to receive training themselves.

Attendees of the trainers’ workshop took part in learner-centred activities.

Jennifer Cuthbertson, Langham Preaching’s Coordinator for Trainer Development, co-led the workshop. She used learner-centred techniques to teach the attendees how to lead Langham Preaching seminars.

Jennifer described the 14 participants, which included an Eritrean refugee, as “interesting, engaged and engaging”.

On their toes

“They were young and older, pastors, professors, writers, a professional translator, Bible study and youth leaders, international teachers and denominational leaders.”

Mercy Ireri from Nairobi, Kenya, joined Jennifer to facilitate the training. And they were kept on their toes!

Jennifer Cuthbertson, who co-led the workshop, said one of the teachings brought them to their knees in prayer.

Jennifer explained: “Our classroom interaction was robust! Their engagement with the materials buoyed me and the final results — their facilitation of four seminar lessons — were impressive. One of the teachings brought us to our knees in prayer.


“Three men came from the north of Ethiopia to attend the workshop. They lead a relatively new Langham work, rich in Preaching Clubs! Mercy is already making plans to visit them and their people.”

Ruth Slater, Associate International Director for Langham Preaching, also attended the workshop. She said the participants are all so passionate about the work of Langham Preaching:

“Ethiopia has a huge young population, the church is growing.

Mercy Ireri, from Nairobi, Kenya, came to co-lead the workshop in Ethiopia.

“They recognise that now is the time to train those leaders, as they reach other young pastors in their communities.Frew

A ‘feast’

Frew Tamrat, Langham Preaching’s coordinator in Ethiopia, said the week’s training was a “feast that the Lord provided” for them.

He said it was a “milestone” for the work in Ethiopia: “There is something coming – be expectant!”

Another attendee said: “You can’t help but learn, through the way we were taught at the workshop’.

Please pray

Please pray for the growing work of Langham Preaching in Ethiopia, particularly for work amongst Eritrean refugees and the ongoing Preaching Clubs around the country.

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14 people from across Ethiopia attended the workshop last month.

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