Scholarship Programme Aims

Our Mission

Langham Scholars helps to raise the standards of Biblical Preaching and Teaching in the Majority World. It does this through providing financial support for evangelical doctoral students from the Majority World who will return to train Christian leaders in their home country, most typically at the seminary or university level.

Our Aims

Our scholars are men and women who sincerely believe, diligently study, faithfully expound and relevantly apply the Word of God.

Our scholars are Majority World Christian leaders in pursuit of a doctorate at universities, seminaries or theological colleges approved by the scholarships committee.

Our scholarships support scholars who contextualise their research, seeking to make the gospel relevant to their culture.

Our scholarships are only available to scholars who can make a definite commitment to return to the Majority World for a period of at least ten years on completion of their research, and demonstrate that they have an offer of employment on their return.

Our scholarships are for Majority World Christian leaders who are mentored by evangelical supervisors, or by supervisors who are sympathetic to the Langham Partnership ethos, throughout the course of their doctoral study.

Applicants are encouraged to discuss their intended areas of research, places of study, and proposed supervisor / promoter with Langham Partnership at an early stage and seek guidance and advice.

Our Grants

Financial support is given by means of a grant, in return for which the scholar agrees to return to Christian leadership, normally in a teaching capacity, in the Majority World for at least ten years, beginning immediately after receiving their Ph.D.  The grant is treated as a repayable loan if this agreement is not honoured.