Our Publications

Langham’s vision is to build up the global church. So we do not only give to the Majority World. We also make it possible for voices from the Majority World to be heard worldwide.


We publish under 4 imprints:

Langham Global Library

The Langham Global Library provides intercultural exposition and application of the Christian faith, within the framework of the Cape Town Commitment, by authors from the international evangelical community.

Langham Monographs

Langham Monographs is an academic imprint that serves evangelical scholars from the Majority World by disseminating their work widely in an affordable and accessible format.

Langham Preaching Resources

Langham Preaching Resources are published for pastors and preachers in every region of the world, and particularly for those involved in local preaching movements.


HippoBooks is a shared imprint with several publishers and partners. Our vision is to stimulate spiritual and intellectual growth in the African church by developing books by African Christian authors who address African realities from an evangelical perspective.

Titles in the Hippo imprint address a broad range of issues. They include Bible commentaries and new works in biblical studies, cultural studies, ethics, history, systematic theology, and more. The intended readers are pastors, church leaders, and theological students.

All of the publications in these imprints can be ordered through any good Christian retailer as well through our online store.