Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most-often asked questions.

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Where does the name Langham come from?

For half a century John Stott has been associated with All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, first as rector and then, during his wider world ministry and in his retirement, as rector emeritus. When he formed a trust to fund doctoral scholarships in 1969, he named it the Langham Trust, and the name has stuck.

Originally nothing more than the name of a small street in London, Langham is now the brand name of a worldwide network of ministries working in partnership with churches, seminaries and leaders in the Majority World. Although All Souls Church, Langham Place, is Anglican, the Langham Partnership is fully interdenominational and serves a huge variety of Christian churches and groups around the world.

What do you mean by the Majority World?

The term Third World was originally coined to distinguish the nonaligned block of countries from the capitalist and communist First and Second Worlds during the Cold War era. Over time it came to mean the poorer countries of the world in general, and its unfortunate derogatory overtones make it unsuitable.

Developing World is commonly used to refer to those few countries that have progressed economically to levels similar to wealthy Western nations. However, the term implies that all nations should aspire to be like the "developed" nations of the affluent West, and that is not a prospect we can simply endorse without challenge. So this too is a term we dislike because of its implicit assumptions about who is developed and who is not, based largely on narrow economic criteria.

Some Christians, especially from the non-Western world, speak of the Two-Thirds World. This is better than either Third World or Developing World, but it is not widely familiar, especially outside evangelical circles.

The term Majority World refers in very broad terms to Africa, Asia and Latin America. It reflects the essential fact that living in these regions are the majority of the world's population and approximately 75 percent of the world's Christians. At the same time, these regions are generally economically poorer, and resources for Christians in particular are scarce or nonexistent.

We recognise that there are huge variations even within what we call the Majority World, such that the need is far greater in some countries than in others. However, in very broad terms, Langham ministries are for the benefit of Christians, churches, pastors and seminaries in those parts of the world where weak economies make it difficult or impossible for Christians to get access to good books or to pay for theological training.

Do you sell or distribute books by John Stott?

Langham Literature works only with theological institutions and local ministry agents within the Majority World. The ministry does not offer or deliver books to individuals.

How can I obtain one of John Stott's books for myself?

Please see John Stott's bibliography. The title of each book is linked to a website where the book can be purchased.

Can Langham Partnership provide financial support?

The Langham Scholars ministry provides financial help to PhD candidates from the Majority World, following a detailed application procedure and with clearly stated criteria for selection.

We regret that the terms of our foundation do not allow us to contribute money to any other area, whether in relation to buildings, specific events, evangelistic ministries, personal needs, or support for study (other than PhDs as described above). Please do not ask for financial support or "partnership" in any area other than the very specific objectives of the three Langham ministries.

Can Langham Partnership help with speakers for conferences, evangelistic campaigns, or local missions?

The priority for those of our staff who travel is the development of national training programs for biblical preaching. We will therefore be unable to reply to any request to provide speakers or "partnership" for general conferences, evangelistic events, or other programs of Christian ministry.

Can Langham Partnership respond to enquiries about theological issues?

Our staff team is small and our time is fully taken up with the work God has given us as our priority. So we are sorry that we cannot enter into correspondence on general theological issues or queries.

Can Langham Partnership tell me more about John Stott and his writing?

Our website includes information about John Stott.

Can Langham Preaching help with training in our country?

Langham Preaching has a schedule for country development over the next few years, and so we regret that we are unable to respond to requests to work in new countries at the present time.

Can Langham Literature provide me with books?

Langham Literature runs several programs which provide books for pastors and seminaries through carefully registered and monitored channels. We do not send books to individuals on request.

Can I be linked with the Langham Preaching movement in my country?

Please send to us the following details: your country, the region of the country in which you live, your nearest main city, and whether you are a pastor or a lay preacher. Langham Preaching is only working in a limited number of countries, and often only with a small group of people who have been selected by their denomination. But we will forward your information and, should there be an available ministry near you, we will let you know.