Langham Response

Langham develops Christ-like leaders to multiply the impact of God’s Word and transform the global church. We train grassroots pastors, develop biblical resources, and equip theological leaders.


Equipping the next generation of Bible teachers.

Our three ministries, Langham Preaching, Langham Scholars and Langham Literature, effectively multiply biblical preachers and teachers, helping the global church to grow in Christlikeness. All three ministries combine to answer the question, “How do we raise the standards of biblical preaching?”

preachingLangham Preaching trains pastors to preach and teach the Word of God faithfully.

Langham Preaching partners with national leaders to nurture indigenous biblical preaching movements all around the world, equipping pastors and lay preachers to teach the Bible with faithfulness to the text, relevance to their own context, and with clarity and boldness.



scholarsLangham Scholars train pastors and ministry leaders.

We identify men and women who are academically able and recommended by their churches as committed to godly and evangelical faith and life, and enable them to gain their doctorate (PhD) in Biblical and theological studies. These scholars then return to their home countries to teach and train future pastors in seminaries.  Many of them exercise significant influence also through their writing and wider leadership in the church.



literatureLangham Literature provides tools for the task of biblical preaching and teaching.

This ministry provides Majority World pastors, scholars and seminary libraries with evangelical books and electronic resources. We also foster the creation of culturally relevant books by indigenous writers and publishers in their own languages, and invest in major regional literature projects, such as one-volume Bible commentaries like the Africa Bible Commentary.

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