Wanted: Tasty Sermons

18 August 2011 |

Langham Preaching in Central Asia

It may be the second poorest country in Central Asia and it may be ranked among the most corrupt countries in the world – but this (unnamed) country is experiencing a movement of biblical preaching within its churches.

In April people came from across the country (and a neighbouring one) for the latest training programme. More than twenty people attended each of the Level One, Two and Three programmes – with facilitators Jenny Brown, Peter Mead (‘First Peter’), and Peter Comont (‘Second Peter’).

Galya is one who is benefiting: “Now I realise that my sermons need a structure and a focus. In Central Asia we are not a people who plan – but by God’s grace, I am changing and seeing the need to prepare well and to structure messages clearly.”

At the conclusion of the week the organising team met with key leaders for prayer, discussion … and dreaming. Three outcomes emerged: Firstly, that in ten years’ time there be ‘tasty’ sermons in every church and faithful preachers in every town across the country – that is 1840 in total! Secondly, that contact be maintained with the preaching clubs through the year, keeping them encouraged and resourced. Tamara, Janish and Ainagul were willing to pick up this responsibility. Finally, there will be the need to build a national team of trainers – people who pass on the Level One training to pastors in their home areas.