Langham Visiting Postdoctoral Fellowships



Langham Partnership is committed to investing in high grade theological leadership in the Majority World, especially amongst scholars who have already benefited from its scholarship programme. We recognize the need for Langham scholars to have ongoing professional academic development opportunities to maintain and upgrade theological skills, develop writing projects, and obtain mentored access to research facilities available in Western theological institutions. Langham wishes to help Majority World scholars in making an ongoing distinctive contribution to global theological scholarship.

Many graduated Langham scholars find themselves in teaching and administrative positions that allow little time for research, and writing. The aim of Langham Visiting Postdoctoral fellowships is to encourage godly evangelical scholarship by developing the principles of life-long research and learning activity amongst Langham scholars. Langham also strongly believes that fresh and innovative approaches to teaching flow from maintaining research activity and currency. Through offering postdoctoral fellowships we are also seeking to further partnership and mutual dialogue between scholars and institutions in the Majority World and the West.

The Awards

Each year Langham offers a small number of visiting postdoctoral research fellowships for a period of 3-4 months (one term / semester). We wish to assist, and honor, the dedication shown by Langham scholars who faithfully serve in the Majority World. These awards are open to Langham scholars who have returned to the Majority world and have been engaged in theological education / leadership there for five years. Selections for awards are made by means of a competitive application process, which normally takes place in September each year.

Holders of post-doctoral fellowships must undertake to return to the Majority World for a further five years on completion of the award, and until that commitment was fulfilled, the funding is considered a loan (as with present scholarship funding).

The postdoctoral awards are offered in partnership with seminaries / theological colleges in the West, who provide accommodation, access to high quality study resources (including library), and a local academic mentor to encourage writing and research.

Partnership is also fostered with sending institutions in the Majority world, who free staff for the period of the fellowship, assist with travel expenses, provide cover in their absence and ensure their return to their posts on completion of the study period. Such institutions are also encouraged to provide enhanced research opportunity beyond the period of the fellowship (such as provision of study, periods free of teaching / administration, for research).

Langham Postdoctoral Fellows are hosted in catered-for college accommodation, and receive a small living allowance to assist with study expenses during the period of the fellowship. The accommodation is only suitable for individual students, and regretfully it is not possible to bring spouse or family for these study visits,

The Fellowships afford opportunity for scholars to continue their Professional Development through working on a research or writing project, at either an advanced academic level or through addressing an issue relevant to their local Majority-World context in book accessible to a more popular readership.

Our Partner Seminaries

Langham Partnership is delighted to be able to currently offer postdoctoral fellowships in partnership with:

  • Ridley Hall in Cambridge, England
  • Wycliffe Hall in Oxford, England
  • International Christian College in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Wheaton College in Illinois, USA

Applications Process

Completed applications should be submitted between March and July of the year before they wish to take up the fellowship. Applications should be sent to

Applicants should submit:

  • a Full Academic Curriculum Vitae
  • a fully Developed statement of the research task, or writing proposal (please enquire for further guidelines)
  • the names of two referees (one academic, one from a national church leader or leader of your theological college),
  • a letter of consent from their employer indicating that they have their consent to be released for the period of the Post-Doctoral Fellowship, and that their employment will be maintained during this period of absence.
  • An undertaking to raise a proportion of their own expenses, and the amount of self-support they can raise, which should be stated in the accompanying letter of application.

A signed undertaking that they will continue to work in the Majority World for at least five years beyond the end of the period of the Fellowship, otherwise they will be required to repay the amount of support they have received.