Spot the bishop!

28 May 2012 |

by Emmanuel Oladipo, Langham Preaching

It is not often that we have Archbishops participating in the same training event with pastors of Baptist, Pentecostal and Independent churches, but that is exactly what happened at the latest Langham Preaching seminar in Jos. Two Archbishops and a bishop of the Anglican Province of Nigeria joined other senior clergy of different denominations at the training of local facilitators.

Their willingness to learn along with other participants contrasted strongly with what is often seen in other top leaders, who would come to such seminars only when invited to teach others!

Spot the bishop!
some members of the coordinating team of Langham Nigeria

Bishop Zhumbes is a veteran educationist who was a College principal before entering the ordained ministry. His teaching skill and experience, combined with astute theological insight, make him an ideal facilitator for Langham Preaching. It was his fourth year of coming to the seminars, and he is full of gratitude to God for how they have increased the effectiveness of his pulpit ministry and the quality of training for the clergy under his charge. He is not alone, for the two archbishops present also testified to the change which LP has brought to their ministry.

As is often the case in these events, the learning and sharing among participants was just as valuable as the lectures. ‘Iron sharpens iron’, as we are told in Proverbs 27:17, and the informal atmosphere enhanced the quality of this interaction.  Such mutual encouragement is expected to continue beyond the seminar, since Langham Preaching is a process and not simply a seminar or even a series of seminars.

The main avenue for such continuity is the Preaching Clubs. Bishops are usually a major catalyst for significant developments within and beyond their Dioceses. It is a matter of much praise to the Lord that Preachers Clubs are starting to develop strongly through the work of these and other leaders of the Langham Preaching movement in Nigeria.