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Pray for Brazilian Scholar directing crucial online courses

9 August 2019 |

Brazil is a large country, spanning 2,600 miles, and is home to 208 million people. With the population and resources concentrated in the south, online education has grown rapidly in recent years.

César Lopes and his family (from 2011)

“Such a trend also affects theological education”, says Langham Scholar César Lopes, who has been the programme director for online education at a São Paulo Bible college for four years. There was a “longing” for such a programme, with 200 students in his first cohort.

César shares stories about two students, which are “very representative of the significance and the challenges of such a programme for a country as Brazil”.

Impact stories

Mrs Olga is a 66-year-old student from the northeast region of Brazil. She lives more than 500 miles away from her closest fellow student. She shared that she had been dreaming about enrolling at a seminary since she was a teenager, but could not do so due to an early marriage and a lack of opportunities in her region.

César works at the Faculdade de Teologia de São Paulo da Igreja Presbiteriana Independente (FATIPI) in São Paulo

Thanks to the online program, she will graduate by the end of this year.
Francisco lives in the wider metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro. In his 30s, he is a de facto pastor at his local church, but had never had the chance to leave his job and move with his family closer to the city for formal theological studies, which his denomination requires for formal pastoral ordination.

Even though he lives about 30 miles away from well-known sites featured on some of Brazil’s postcards, he still needs to hop onto his motorcycle on weekends and travel 15 miles to access the internet at his relatives’ home in order to download materials, participate in discussions, and upload his assignments. His community just doesn’t have reliable access to the web.

César Lopes (third from the left in the back row) meeting with other Brazilian Langham Scholars last year.

Points for prayer:

We know our program is an important answer to needs such as these, but we still have many unanswered questions to address! We ask you to join us in prayer.

1) A programme such as this needs reliable partnerships with local churches and pastors in order to do better work in terms of spiritual formation. Pray that we may successfully implement practices and develop relationships so we can do better work in this area.

2) We are on the final step of the accreditation process with the Brazilian Ministry of Education. All we need is a final signature, but some transitions in our federal government have caused months of delay. Please pray that our documents can find their way to the minister’s desk!

3) Whenever I travel to visit our extension sites, I am always amazed by the commitment and dedication of our students, and their passion for the Kingdom of God. Please join us in prayer for them.

4) I also ask you to pray for my family – for my wife Amanda and my daughters, Giovana and Luiza.

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