New Langham Preaching App launched!

30 May 2017 |

An exciting new App for phones and tablets has been launched by Langham Preaching, to help pastors prepare sermons and organise crucial preaching clubs in their region.

Users can also subscribe to various Langham Preaching mailings, such as prayer emails, preaching postcards and ‘helps’ – a monthly worksheet/training lesson, written by Langham’s Coordinator for Training Development.

Useful tool

One of the biggest challenges facing Langham Preaching around the world is persuading people to see the importance of small group work and preaching clubs. So this App is an incredibly useful tool. It can:

The new Langham Preaching App aims to better connect those in preaching clubs around the world.

–  help someone work through the key disciplines in sermon preparation

–  help preaching clubs to operate, through a discussion wall for group members, as well as the chance to share sermon outlines.

This App isn’t just for preachers connected with Langham around the world, it’s a beneficial programme for anyone who wants help with writing sermons.

Global reach

In time, it will be translated into several different languages, widening its global reach.

It’s incredibly easy to use: simply download it onto your phone/tablet using Google Play (Android) or iTunes (iOS) and away you go!

The App has already been downloaded and used by preachers at the first ever seminar in Serbia earlier this year. Why not join them?

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