Langham Canada invites you to help distribute the South Asia Bible Commentary

7 December 2015 |

Join Langham Canada to distribute 100 copies of the SABC to church leaders who will find it a valuable and unique resource.

An estimated 80% of Bible teachers in the Majority World have not had access to training on how to preach God’s Word. They do not have access to theological libraries, conferences or training, like church leaders in North America do. Langham Canada is changing that, with your help.

The just released South Asia Bible Commentary (SABC) helps preachers and lay people who want to engage more deeply with the Bible using materials written by South Asian authors for the South Asian Church. It is a strong new resource for an under-resourced Church. Langham Canada invites you to help distribute 100 South Asia Bible Commentaries to church leaders who would not otherwise have access to such a rich resource. Visit our campaign page to find out more.