He Began with Moses… Burning Hearts in Russia

14 January 2013 |

He Began with Moses… Burning Hearts in Russia

by Colin Macpherson, Langham Literature

Beginning with Moses cover

Beginning with Moses

Langham Literature is pleased to announce the publication in Russian of the book ‘He Began With Moses: preaching the Old Testament today’, edited by Kent, Kissling & Turner.

When Jesus walked with his confused disciples on the Emmaus road, he began with Moses and all the prophets and explained to them what was said in all the scriptures concerning himself. The result was that, as they began to understand the whole plan of redemption through a crucified Saviour, ‘their hearts burned within them’, and they rushed off to tell the good news to others (Luke 24).

Konstantin Nazarov

Langham Scholar and lecturer Konstantin Nazarov

It is with that impact in mind that Langham Scholar and lecturer, Konstantin Nazarov, identified this title as the one that would bless preachers and Bible students throughout the Russian-speaking world. Konstantin lectures in Old Testament preaching and teaching in various parts of the former Soviet Union, and he has translated and published the book through Christian College in Moscow. The book offers guidance on expository preaching from the Old Testament, and practical teaching for how to understand the message of its diverse literature and to apply it today. It is designed to help preachers open up the Old Testament through all its different genres. The Old Testament is often neglected, especially in places where the church is relatively young, and it can be difficult to preach it faithfully. It will be distributed widely throughout the region and has already been used by Bible students in Russia and Belarus. One Russian pastor named Youri said of the book:

‘We have very few books in Russian that reflect the depth of Old Testament literature. This great textbook helps to raise the level of both pastor and lay people. It gives me new insights. It has challenged my level of concentration and preparation, AND it has helped my personal growth!’

Jesus opened up the Old Testament to his disciples, showing how every part of the unfolding mystery pointed to Him. He showed them how it all made wonderful sense. May the beauty and riches of the Old Testament captivate the hearts and minds of more Russian-speaking teachers and preachers, and be preached with power to the congregations that God has entrusted to their care. Please join us in prayer that this book would indeed help to open up the scriptures and result in hearts that burn with wonder, gratitude and excitement.