Chris Wright has been speaking recently in North America

8 November 2020 |
Chris Wright

Langham’s International Ministries Director Dr Chris Wright was scheduled to speak at several theological conferences during 2020, both of which ended…
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Interview with Slavko Hadzic, Langham Preaching Coordinator for Southern Europe and the West Balkans

23 October 2020 |

Please watch this interesting video in which Slavko Hadzic, Langham Preaching Coordinator for Southern Europe and the West Balkans, talks…
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Serving the “Prince of Peace”

17 August 2020 |

Rula Mansour has a vision for peace.  From a young age she grew up in a mixed community with both…
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Interview with David Tarus, a Langham Scholar in Kenya

20 July 2020 |

It will be well worth your 18 minutes to take a look at this video where we interview David Tarus…
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A Longing Fulfilled is a Tree of Life

10 July 2020 |
The Branch Exposition of the Bible, Volume 1: A Preacher's Commentary of the New Testament

Today I heard that the New Testament volume of The Branch Exposition of the Bible by Michael Eaton arrived in…
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Building Relationships

2 July 2020 |

Our four Preaching Directors, leading teams across the various continents, share what has been happening through this time of pandemic….
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Encouragement from Jeremiah

16 June 2020 |

What a remarkable letter Jeremiah wrote to the exiles in Babylon, recorded in Jeremiah 29, and especially verses 1-14.  It was…
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Outcast and isolated

16 June 2020 |

Phil Nicholson, a Preaching regional coordinator in East Asia, brings a word of encouragement from his experience of exclusion and…
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Growing Deeper

15 June 2020 |

Veena is a regional co-ordinator for Langham Preaching and she shared the following thoughts about our Langham Preaching programme: “I…
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Encouragement from Ecclesiastes

12 June 2020 |

These are extraordinary weeks for the peoples of the world as the coronavirus continues to impact on daily lives, bringing…
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