Indigenous publishers have a vital role in the building of God’s Kingdom. They indentify and provide the resources necessary to explain and teach God’s word. If the church is to grow in depth and size the Word of God must be heard, understood, and shared in the local language.

Preachers and leaders need good books to help them in their study of the Bible. But in many countries and languages there are very few books which are culturally relevant and biblically faithful.

Thus Langham Literature works with publishers in the Majority World to encourage an ongoing supply of texts that will support biblical study, preaching and teaching.

  • Our publisher’s grants focus on places in the world where there is a significant lack of resources at the student and preacher levels. Grants are most often given for resources in the local languages, either for the translation of existing works or for original work by local authors.
  • Langham Literature also works to strengthen and grow indigenous publishers. We aim to encourage sustainable ministries that will continue to supply appropriate resources for the national church. Priority is given to countries where there is a lack of capacity. Support can be given for training, equipment, growing capacity or development initiatives.

To date we have helped indigenous publishers to produce more than 1,000 local language titles, across 5 continents and spanning more than 40 languages.  But there are many languages that remain untouched.  There is huge need to help open the scriptures in heart languages around the world.

Contact for information about growing indigenous publishing ministries.