Ebola Update

26 November 2014 |

Langham-trained preachers around the world serve their communities with incredible faithfulness – and in some of the hardest places, including those devastated by Ebola.

The pastors who are part of our preaching movements, for example in places like Sierra Leone and Liberia at present, are often at the frontline of caring for people in their villages. They need enormous wisdom, courage and stamina as they struggle to cope and serve in the midst of it all. And it makes all the difference to them to know we are praying for them! Not just vaguely, but according to their expressed and present needs.

The scale and seriousness of this epidemic is a direct threat and hindrance to the operation of the preaching movements in the affected countries. Yet God can create opportunities for the gospel in the midst of the suffering …

Quarantined behind the red line in Moyamba Village

Quarantined behind the red line in Moyamba Village

On 18/11/2014 Christo Jonah, the Langham Preaching coordinator in Sierra Leone, reported:

Sierra Leone recorded 534 confirmed new Ebola cases this week (10-16 November). Patients in the north have to wait days to have their blood samples taken … Dozens are waiting for beds.

We now have over 5000 infected persons since the outbreak and over 1200 recorded deaths plus about 900 survivors. Some are in holding-and-treatment centres. Others are unaccounted for, presumed to be dead. It is unbelievable that many people are still in denial … It appears that superstition and a lack of trust in the government is hampering the fight against Ebola. People tend not to believe what the government is telling them to do … stories are flying around that Ebola was introduced into West Africa as some scientific experiment …

Our government is also becoming increasingly anxious. A journalist was arrested, then released after a few days without any charge. It was reported that the president felt the journalist’s Ebola sensitization would lead to a riot. Today a prominent opposition politician was arrested under the Public Emergency Act …

The rate of infection is going down in Liberia, but it is still soaring in Sierra Leone … We need Gods intervention at this critical time … and we need to do more Ebola sensitization and training.

An exhausted helper falls asleep on top of the sacks of rice he had just lifted.

An exhausted helper falls asleep on top of the sacks of rice he had just lifted.

Then on 25/11/14 Christo sent and urgent update:

The government claims it has made monies available to pay risk allowances to workers, but some are not receiving this.

In protest over non-payment for their deadly jobs, burial teams responded by using dead (Ebola) bodies to block the entrance to the hospital!

Thanks to all who are praying for us and supporting us at this extremely difficult time …

PLEASE continue to pray for us as we continue our Ebola sensitization, distribute food and disinfectants and minister Christ, and encourage people. The situation is very challenging!

  • That our government officials will be sincere in the fight.
  • That people will put aside cultural practices that are enhancing the spread of the disease (eg bathing the dead at home).
  • For the family of Martin, a Christian doctor, who died recently.
  • For courage to endure and not to lose heart.
  • For wisdom as we plan to reach out to some of the most remote parts – using canoes/boats etc.
  • For God’s comfort to the families who have lost loved ones.
  • That we will continue to tell about the Saviour in all these circumstances!

Thank you for praying.

by Langham Preaching