Chris Wright has been speaking recently in North America

8 November 2020 |
Chris Wright

Langham’s International Ministries Director Dr Chris Wright was scheduled to speak at several theological conferences during 2020, both of which ended…
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Serving the “Prince of Peace”

17 August 2020 |

Rula Mansour has a vision for peace.  From a young age she grew up in a mixed community with both…
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Global voices

12 April 2020 |
Global Voices image

  Reflections during the Coronavirus Pandemic Hear from believers around the world as they share from God’s Word and their…
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Going Viral

2 April 2020 |

Chris Wright, International Ministries Director reflects biblically on the corona virus outbreak “If you think you’re too small to make a…
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Frances Whitehead, John Stott’s ‘right hand’, ‘promoted to glory’

7 June 2019 |

On Saturday 1 June Frances Whitehead, John Stott’s secretary of nearly 60 years, died peacefully at home at the age…
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“He who knows how to cry…” – Reflections on the Sri Lanka attacks

3 May 2019 |

Because Langham is called to serve in places where God’s people are under pressure and in poverty, our leaders and…
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Chris Wright’s Word on the World: ‘Though the earth give way’

15 May 2018 |

I read in the New York Times some weeks ago that there are increasing numbers of young couples getting married with…
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Announcing Canada’s new national director!

14 December 2017 |
Steven and Margaret Van Dyck

We know you care about Langham’s mission to equip the next generation of Bible teachers. You’ve shown us that through…
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Langham Partnership Canada (LPC) is seeking a National Director

2 June 2017 |

Langham Partnership was established by the Rev’d Dr John Stott. Our Vision is to see churches in the Majority World…
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Breaking new ground in challenging Serbia

16 May 2017 |

In Serbia, a Balkan country with a population of 7 million, there are just 10,000 evangelical Christians. The main religion…
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