A Consultation for Teachers of Preaching

3 September 2010 |
2010 preaching consultation in Oxford, UK

2010 Langham Preaching consultation in Oxford, UK

It may well be the first event of its kind – ever! More than 20 teachers of homiletics from 15 countries around the majority world met in June at Wycliffe Hall (Oxford) for a weeklong consultation. Langham Preaching recognises that in order to see the culture of preaching change, the current grassroots strategy needs to be complemented with one that is directed towards the theological college. The week revolved around ten questions – each sparked by presentations from participants:

  1. What are the theological convictions which must shape a course in homiletics?
  2. What is essential in the content to be included in such a course?
  3. What can a course in homiletics learn from the Book of Acts?
  4. How can the diverse range of available resources be utilised to assist in teaching
  5. How do we measure a student’s progress towards excellence in preaching?
  6. How do we make it possible to travel on to doctoral study in homiletics?
  7. When we move beyond ‘western’ approaches to homiletics what contextual challenges are faced?
  8. How can homiletics become a central, and integrating, part of a college curriculum?
  9. How can the ‘college’ and the ‘church’ work together in the training of preachers?
  10. What is involved in establishing a ‘school of preaching’ at a college?

The event went well. It “reignited my love and my hope for homiletics”.  It “reminded me of the gravity of my role as a
teacher of preaching”. Chris Chia, a participant in the consultation in Oxford, said, “I treasured the genuine fellowship, the insightful contributions, and was encouraged by God’s work in and through you all from around the world. Our long, but fruitful, days were a combination of theological rigour, respectful interaction, quiet reflection … and the nightly sharing of testimonies was especially encouraging of God’s gracious work in us.”

Participants returned home determined to strengthen the courses which they teach; to elevate the profile of homiletics in the wider curriculum; to build training partnerships with local churches/pastors; and to organize smaller, regionalised consultations and networks.

For more information on the Langham Preaching programme, visit www.langhampartnership.org/preaching.