Interview with Tayo Arikawe

27 September 2021 |

I’m deeply grateful to you all for your love and support toward the growth of the Majority World churches. This growth has also presented some fresh challenges, but also fresh opportunities for Langham. The churches need strengthening and discipleship more than ever, and Langham is strategically positioned to continue to strengthen these churches and leaders, via our programs (Literature, Preaching and Scholars).

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New Service Centre in Carlisle doubles capacity

14 September 2021 |

Langham’s new fit-for-purpose support centre and distribution hub in Carlisle (UK) is now in use, despite Covid-related delays and interruptions….
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Scholar multiplies ministers of hope in Brazil

14 September 2021 |

What is the impact of just one leader in Brazil gaining a PhD through your support of Langham? You may be surprised…
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