No Lone Rangers! A remarkable family of writers and publishers

12 December 2012 |

by Isobel Stevenson, Langham Literature The Zorro or Lone Ranger model makes great TV but works less well in real…
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To the Churches of Asia Minor: Biblical Truth re-published in Turkey

3 December 2012 |

The church in Turkey needs help. Langham Literature is trying to respond by supporting a small but strategic publishing ministry called Haberci (The Messenger).

There is Refuge in the Lord – and in Brazil!

15 November 2012 |

by Tiffany Randall Su, Langham Scholars What do you think a person would choose to study who wants to address…
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Newsletter: Fall 2012

8 November 2012 |

Newsletter: Fall 2012 Read online – Download (and print) PDF

‘Churches growing in quantity and quality’

22 October 2012 |

A remarkable story of growth across the Democratic Republic of Congo by Paul Windsor, Langham Preaching ‘Before learning from Langham,…
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A campus ‘infectious’ for the gospel

15 October 2012 |

Alfred Olwa returns to Uganda by Andrew Robinson, Langham Partnership Australia Since he has been back visiting Sydney for his…
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The cascade effect in Benin

2 October 2012 |

Emile Houedanou, Langham Preaching Paul’s encouragement to Timothy is well known as a model for discipleship and leadership training: to…
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Jeremiah in the Democratic Republic of Congo

19 September 2012 |

by Isobel Stevenson, Langham Literature The UN recently stated that the killings in the eastern Congo (DRC) may be crimes…
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12 September 2012 |

The Langham Research & Training Seminar by Ian Shaw, Langham Scholars If you have a car, how often do you…
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Karma versus Grace in Cambodia

3 September 2012 |

by Colin Macpherson, Langham Literature The inescapable law of Karma In Cambodia a famous saying sums up the inescapable law…
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