Link: John Stott Address at Kewsick

31 July 2007

To read the John Stott Address at Kewsick, click here.

New Regional Facilitator for Latin America

27 July 2007

One of the signs of God’s work in the churches of Latin America is the growing desire to equip a…
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Loving the Least: Human Trafficking in Greece

27 July 2007

The stranger. The poor. The orphan. The slave. Often times as Christians we might be called – as the Bible…
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John Stott’s Final Public Address

20 July 2007

Close to the end of his own journey John Stott calls for “incarnational evangelism” as the way to turn the…
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Newsletter: May 2007

8 July 2007

Newsletter: May 2007 Read online | Download (and print) PDF