Link: John Stott Address at Kewsick

31 July 2007 |

To read the John Stott Address at Kewsick, click here.

New Regional Facilitator for Latin America

27 July 2007 |

One of the signs of God’s work in the churches of Latin America is the growing desire to equip a…
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Loving the Least: Human Trafficking in Greece

27 July 2007 |

The stranger. The poor. The orphan. The slave. Often times as Christians we might be called – as the Bible…
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John Stott’s Final Public Address

20 July 2007 |

Close to the end of his own journey John Stott calls for “incarnational evangelism” as the way to turn the…
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Newsletter: May 2007

8 July 2007 |

Newsletter: May 2007 Read online | Download (and print) PDF